Country Spinach

$ 5.95

ust good old-fashioned spinach flavor, and that's hard to beat. Use it as a party dip, of course, but don't stop there. Added to any egg or cheese dish and it's always a winner. It's especially handy for a quick omelet when you want to serve something just a little special for lunch or dinner, and you can add it to rice you serve with almost any meal. And here's something really special for a winter evening: Mix Country Spinach dip with sour cream just as you do for dip, then add diced water chestnuts or artichoke hearts and top with cheddar cheese and pour it into an oven-safe dish. Warm the dish in the oven till the cheese melts and serve with chips while still warm.
Folder of 2 half-ounce bags - Makes 32oz of dip

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